Q: How can I attend?
Dew Tour Des Moines will take place at the Lauridsen Skatepark. The event is free to the public; however, ticket registration is required.

  • Due to Covid Restrictions, attendance is limited, and reservations must be made on the Dew Tour App or at com. Policies regarding entry and COVID mitigation may change daily. Check for updates at Dewtour.com or on the app prior to departing for the event.
  • Dew Tour ticketing will be divided into multiple timed sessions each day. Only one reservation may be made per person, per day, to ensure the greater community of Des Moines can enjoy this free event.
  • A reservation does not guarantee viewing or seating or activities as they are on a first come, first served basis. Some viewing may be partially obstructed.
  • Viewing will be divided into sectioned pods on the lawn. Pods are capped at 6 people and locations are first come, first serve. Lawn chairs are not permitted, but bring your blanket!
  • Onsite priority to Spectator Viewing, Public Skate and Dew Tour Experience (DTE) are given to guests within their reserved session/window.
  • Sessions will be enforced by a colored credential. When the next session starts, the new color will have priority.
  • After your session window has expired, you may not re-enter the main venue if you leave through any exit.
  • If capacity in a given area is reached, the space will operate with one out, one in. Expired sessions may be asked to exit the area.
  • Please be neighborly and considerate of fellow guests and the requests of Dew Tour Staff to manage crowds and keep everyone safe during these challenging times. We want everyone to enjoy the event, please be respectful of the spectator viewing sessions and allow all attendees to enjoy this event. We thank you in advance!
  • Onsite viewing pods are given on a first come, first served basis and may be restricted due to capacity/safety. Some viewing may be partially obstructed.

Q: Will I have to leave the venue after my session is complete?
Generally, No. But you will lose priority access to Spectator Viewing, Public Skate and Dew Tour Experience to the next active session as determined by colored credential. If capacity is reached or under direction from the fire marshal, Dew Tour staff may be required to ask the previous session to depart the venue. We ask for your understanding and compliance if this scenario should arise. Dew Tour will accommodate all guests as best we can!

Q: Can I bring my skateboard?
Yes!  But please be respectful of other guests. There are designated skating areas for the public and those are the only specific zones for skating. Please do not ride your skateboard aggressively in the Dew Tour Experience      or in the spectator viewing areas. If security or venue staff asks you to walk your board, please comply.

Q: Where is Dew Tour taking place?
The 2021 Summer Dew Tour will be hosted at the brand new Lauridsen Skatepark (901 2nd Avenue, Des Moines, IA 50309), located in downtown Des Moines at the Principal Riverwalk’s northern edge. It is an 88,000 square foot, Olympic-grade skatepark built by our friends and partners at California Skateparks!

Entrance to Dew Tour will be at the Rotary Riverwalk Park (821 W River Dr, Des Moines, IA 50309).

Q: Is this an Olympic Qualifying Event?
Yes! Dew Tour Des Moines is a global Olympic Qualifying event (and the only global qualifier on US soil)  for both street and park skateboarding competitions for Tokyo. Athletes will generate points to help them earn a spot on their country’s Olympic team.

Q: How will Dew Tour be handling COVID-19 protocols?
We will be welcoming a limited number of fans into the venue each day via a free ticket that needs to be reserved on Dew Tour App. Check back for updates, in the meantime, plan on the following:

  • Wearing a mask –Facemasks are mandatory for anyone attending the event over the age of two. Face coverings must meet CDC recommendations and cover mouth and nose at all times. Bandanas or one-layered gaiters are not
  • Daily health assessments – All spectators are required to complete a COVID-19 liability waiver and health assessment before entering the venue. Please be patient and arrive early to allow time for this process.
  • Socially distancing– That’s why we’re limiting entry each day.
  • Keeping clean – You’ll see sanitizing stations all over our venue.

Policies regarding entry and COVID mitigation may change daily. Check for updates at Dewtour.com or on the app prior to departing for the event.

Q: If someone is already fully vaccinated, will they have to wear a mask or complete any assessments?
Yes, Guests who are fully or partially vaccinated will be required to wear a mask and complete a COVID-19 liability waiver and health assessment form before entering the venue. It is important to note that national protocols are changing rapidly. We are following all trends/rules as they apply to COVID protocols. 

Q: Where can I buy VIP tickets?
VIP Tickets will not be available for this year’s event.

Q: Will there be food?
Unfortunately, due to COVID, food will not be served at Dew Tour, this year. Food may also not be brought in unless it is a medical or religious requirement or for infants. Factory-sealed drinks may be brought in.

Q: Will there be drinks?
Only water will be available as a daily offering. Sponsors such as Mountain Dew may be sampling their goods throughout the day!

Q: the deal with the Dew Tour app?
The app is your portal to all things Dew Tour, especially if you plan to attend the event. Download for the latest contest updates here.

Q: How do I view the competition from home?
Watch Dew Tour live from anywhere in the world! Go to dewtour.com/live May 20 – 23, 2021 to view our livestream partners and schedule. It will also be broadcasted on NBC.

Q: Where can I find a schedule and results of the competitions?
DewTour.com or on the Dew Tour app.

*** Event schedule subject to change without notice!

Q: Where can I buy merchandise?
There will be merchandise available on site, but Dew Tour merchandise is also available for purchase in the Dew Tour Store.

Q: Is there ADA Viewing?
Yes, there will be ADA viewing platforms available at both street and park venues in the spectator areas. Please check with the Guest Services tent in the venue for more information on-site or follow signs to the designated areas. ADA viewing is plus-one, only.

Q: What will be taking place at Dew Tour?
Men’s and Women’s Park and Street competitions will be taking place throughout the day. In addition, the Dew Tour Experience (DTE) is where our partners and brands will offer free giveaways and more. In DTE, you will find the skateboard pump track. The Lauridsen Skatepark will be partially open for the public.  Helmets are required at all times. Check the App or Dewtour.com for the event schedule.

Q: Will there be any music performances?
At this year’s Dew Tour, there will not be any live music.