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Introducing Skate DSM

If you haven’t heard the big news going around the Des Moines metro skateboarding community, don’t worry — we’ve got your back! Earlier this month Skate DSM, a new non-profit with a mission to make the Des Moines community a place where skateboarding is a celebrated activity, officially launched! Founded by Norm Sterzenbach, Tom Miller,… Read more »

New York Times: Skateboarders Won

Skate parks, once considered a menace, are booming everywhere around the world. Now we head toward the first skateboarding Olympics. In July 1995, the artist Maura Sheehan installed a skateable sculpture in the anchorage of the Brooklyn Bridge, over on the Brooklyn side. Ms. Sheehan became fascinated with skateboarders after observing large groups of them careening… Read more »